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About Us

Beautiful Stylish Dainty Little Fine Jewellery

We aim to provide expressive, cool and dainty fine jewellery made with genuine gemstones in solid gold and silver for modern and in-the-know woman.

Through direct manufacturer wholesale and lower margin policy, we offer beautiful little fine jewelry that can be treasured for a life time, at much more affordable price than you get elsewhere. 

We believe perseverance in product quality makes a difference. From day one we started off as a tiny fashion jewellery workshop thirteen years ago to present day mainly focusing on manufacturing and distributing gold and silver jewellery, product quality has always been the key to our business. 

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Here at top manufacturers with industry leading expertise and standards, we ensure excellent workmanship and product quality. What you get is better than what you see from product images.

Certified Precious Metals & Stones

We use recycled gold and silver that are of 24K, 18K, 14K and 925 hallmark, authenticity guaranteed. All stones are sourced directly from producers and traded fairly, and we elaborate the types, grades and country of origin of your stones.

Ethical Sourcing

All metals, stones and supplies are sourced from responsible producers whose workers are treated safe and fairly. We care about environmental and social impacts as much as you do.

Brand Name Your Product

For brand/store owners we custom make your jewelry totally as per your specifications tailored for your business, at great wholesale price. From jewellery design, 3D print molding, sampling, packaging design and packing, we have all covered for you. Please Email Us for details.